To publish or not to publish

A cookbook, that is….

As most of you know, I spent years learning to make most things from scratch due to a collapsed immune system and wheat allergies.  You would not believe what has wheat in it, that has absolutely no need for it!

So I make my own spice mixes, because I was not giving up my Asian food.  Or Indian food.  Or Mexican food.  Or…. well, you get the idea.

A lot of my friends and family were asking for bottles of my spices as presents, so I figured… why not sell them?  Not sell them their own birthday present, of course, but at flea markets, craft fairs, etc.

I found out why not; no-one wants to pay a premium for something hand-made, clean, pure, etc… when they can get the No-Name shit from China for 1/3 the price.  Except at festivals, I sell best at pagany events, where clean eating, no fillers/ preservatives, and knowing what’s in your food is considering a priority.

I currently have about $2000 in raw materials upstairs, or about $6000 in finished goods.  I’ve eaten some, gave some to my niece, and am probably giving more in gift baskets to charities to auction off.

I will likely still sell at festivals and stuff, but only the ones I’m going to anyway.  I lost too much money this year.  So… what to do, since I’ve been denied disability, even though the government agrees I’m disabled.  I can’t work, one day on my feet knocks me out for 3 days.


When I asked the question “What do I do now?” of the Facebook hivemind, one answer was to write a cookbook, sell my recipes, not the spices.

So, I’m curious; is anyone interested in a cookbook with recipes for the spices, and recipes for each spice for the slow-cooker? (which is how I usually use it, I love my slow-cooker); would you rather I find a way to sell through this blog? (I tried Etsy, but 2 sales in 2 years is not encouraging).

How about Email only? Facebook store?

What about instant meals in jars?  (lentils, rice, dried veggies, spices)  I would buy either fresh veggies in season, or fresh-frozen ones where the only ingredient is the veggie.  And my own spices, of course.


Tell me what you think, please.


4 thoughts on “To publish or not to publish

  1. I’m scared to buy most things with my triple sensitivity (dairy, eggs, yeast). All of those things have multiple names in food like vitamins, citric acid, etc. I’ve been doing paleo aip recipes lately. Interested in the cookbook. Breakfast is my hardest meal and I’m not big on smoothie recipes. I like simple things that don’t take a lot of time to make. If you can do a quick meals book for the food allergic, that might be good. I hate needing 8 flours in a recipe, or having to buy so much weird stuff that it takes the whole evening to cook and eat a meal. What might also be interesting is to talk about the chemistry behind different ingredients, like substituting coconut flour for almond flour etc.

    • I’m afraid the chemistry is beyond me. But I do have already tested recipes using coconut flour….
      And most of the stuff I make in the crockpot is yeast, grain, dairy and egg free, just because they go weird in there.

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