About Me:

About me:  Years ago, I worked for the government, in one of those sealed buildings where the windows don’t open and the air is recirculated, not fresh.  The roof developed a leak, which spilled water down the beams inside the walls.  Eventually black mold began to grow right through the walls!

The government’s solution was to cut a hole in the wall around any visible mold, and replace the drywall.  Repaint, not fix.

I am allergic to mold.  I lasted under a year after the mold bloom started being spread by the air ducts, a fine grey-pink powder on my desk in the morning.Some people were collapsing at their desks, and carted out by ambulance.  I was having blackouts and a four month migraine.

Needless to say, I quit.  Unfortunately, by then I had developed multiple allergies and sensitivities.  So I started cooking “real food”, no boxes, frozen dinners, or instant anything, unless I canned it myself.  I began to read labels obsessively. If I couldn’t figure out its food group, I didn’t eat it.

I also began to make my own spice mixes to get away from the preservatives, artificial flavours, and anti-caking additives.  Do we really need sugar and silica gel in our curry?

I am also experimenting with liquid soaps, a hunters soap, to make you smell like a pine forest, and a variety of scented soaps like jasmine, and rose…  All based on saponified coconut oil.  So good for your skin, and all natural.

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