Test Food Storage List

Item Size  Price  Sale Store
black beans kg
brown basmati rice kg  $    4.00 Bulk Barn
brown rice kg
can crisco kg
canned apple juice
canned baked beans
canned black beans
canned chicken
canned chickpeas
canned coconut milk
canned ham
canned kidney beans
canned salmon  $    3.47 Walmart
canned tomato juice
canned tomatoes
canned tuna  $    2.47 Walmart
Coconut flour kg  $    6.20 Bulk Barn
dry soup veggies kg
GF pasta 500g
green lentils kg
Ground coffee (PC) 925g  $   13.49  $    8.99 No Frills
guar gum 500g
Habitat soup 798ml  $    2.99  $    1.50 Loblaws
instant coffee 200g
instant mashed potatoes box  $    1.87 Walmart
instant pdr milk 500g
navy beans kg
non-instant pdr milk 500g
oat flour kg
pdr coconut milk  $    2.97 Walmart
peanut (only) butter kg  $    4.99 Loblaws
quinoa 4lbs  $    9.99 Costco
raw sugar kg  $    5.30 Bulk Barn
red lentils kg
rice flour kg  $    2.40 Bulk Barn
rice pasta kg  $    5.70 Bulk Barn
scotch oats kg
Tang 500g
tapioca starch kg
tea bags 72
Textured Veg Potein kg  $    3.50 Bulk Barn
virgin coconut oil 860ml  $   17.99  $   15.99 Loblaws
Wheat flour 10kg  $   13.97  $    8.77 No Frills
white sugar 2kg  $    2.49  $    1.77 No Frills
xantham gum 500g  $   14.99  $    9.99 Bulk Barn

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