Trying to replace my disability….

More and more I realize that people who don’t have chronic pain, don’t “get” chronic pain.  Like the helpful people who suggest I try a painkiller for my debilitating, hallucinating, vomiting migraines.  Because, yeah… that never occurred to me.

I have reached the point where the crushed vertebra in my lower back press on the nerves to my leg almost constantly.  I can stand up for 10 minutes, at most before going numb and needing to sit down RIGHTFECKINGNOW!

I randomly fall over because my legs sometimes go numb without warning.

I also cannot sit down for very long, walk more than a short city block, or any combo of these without being laid up for days.  I go into town one day a week to do all the running around, usually begging a friend to drive me.

So a friend gets the dubious privilege of driving me all over town as I get more and more pain-filled, cranky, and visibly lame.  They can’t really help, and I rapidly get to the point of giving up and sitting down until my hubby can pick me up.  Added to this is the knowledge that that by the time I get home, I’ll be lucky to be able to walk to the washroom and I will be unable to do anything for the next two days.

I am on the third to last most potent painkiller my Dr can prescribe, and this will be my last refill.  It’s lost all effectiveness after less than 6 months.  I have tried both Lyrica and gabapentin to repair the nerve damage, both were ineffective.

So, my Dr and I applied for disability. Twenty pages of forms and months of waiting, to be told that “I just don’t understand why you can’t work in an office.”  DENIED.

Did you ever injure your back shoveling snow, or gardening, or something?  That white-hot-cold sheet of pain up your spine?  The nausea and dizziness?  Unable to move, lying there praying your hubby/ wife finds you before the snowplow goes by and buries you?  I get that at least once a day.  Sometimes, just shifting position on the couch, sometimes rolling over at night.  Now that will wake you up faster than the sound of a cat barfing in your bed.

On a bad day, say… the day after being in town, I will get it every fecking time I move.

So, yeah, I can be in town every day, moving from chair to walking, to standing in line for my lunch or coffee.  Walking in snow and over ice.  Walking up and down steps. Falling.  For about the same amount as the stupid disability cheque would be.

So, I tried to make and sell spice mixes because I can do that on my own time at my own speed.  But people expect a lot.  Is it organic?  Fair trade? Non-irradiated?  (Is that a thing?)  What it is, is $5 for 2oz/ 55g of hand blended, secret recipe spice mixes, with no fillers, salt, sugar, corn, wheat, soy, preservatives…  And free recipes to get you started.  It’s not even covering costs. (Laurie’s Ultimate Goods on Etsy and Facebook)

So, now I’m trying something else.  Linking to Amazon to get a small percent on any book ordered from my blog.  Good books, mostly homesteading and canning, some tools or gadgets that I love.  Both on .com and .ca.

I hope.  Right now I’ve got it set up at, but .com is being recalcitrant.  They want a US bank account.   I’ll let you know if they bow to logic.

In the meantime, I’m setting up a page to act as a store with the books/ gadgets I have and love.


Big sale at No Frills!

Just a quick note as I am off to film for 4 days in Prince Edward County.

Large Cherries: $1.88/lb or $4.14/ kg   I am getting more and drying them!

Dole 100% orange juice, 349ml cans 12/ $3.33

Royal bathroom tissue: 15 double rolls $3.97

New potatoes 10 lbs/ $2,97  I paid $4.97 on tuesday.  Rats.

T&T chicken broth $.68/ 398ml can

Breyers frozen desserts $2.97/ 1.66litres

NN medium roast coffee pods (for keurig) $24.97

Week of Apr 7th.

This week’s sales, and just for my artist friends, Michaels is having a great sale on supplies.   Well, likely for everyone but my artistic types will appreciate it.

Michaels art store; 3 for 1 on Artist’s Loft wrapped canvas, levels 1-3;  Strathmore 300 series paper pads,  excludes pkgs of 3. 60% off frames. 50% off shadow boxes and display cases. 50% off easels and colour pencils.

No Frills: lean ground beef family pack $2.44/lb. (Save 2.08), Sweet Source pure cane sugar $1.97/2kg,  Nestle Pure Life water 24 500 ml bottles $1.88 (save 2.09), Lactancia butter $2.97/lb (save 2.80), fresh chicken legs,  back attached $1.77/lb. Silent ricotta 300g or mozzarella ball 260g $1.97, Clark beans 398ml $.67.

Giant Tiger 1 lb chocolate bunny $1.99. Nature Vally granola bars $1.63/8 bars. (Save 1.64) limit of 5.  Primo pasta (WHEAT) $.50/ 454g,  no limit posted. Europe’s Best frozen berries $2.99/6 00 (2.00 off ).

Kickass sales! (well, sales…..)

No Frills:  10Kg Five Roses or Robin Hood white WHEAT flour $8.77, Boneless pork loin half $1.47/ lb (less than 1/2 price), Redpath or Sweet Source brown, yellow or icing sugar (NOT raw or demerara) $1.97/kg, Rooster Brand sweetened condensed milk $1.88/ 300ml, Asparagus (PERU) $2.97/lb, field tomatoes or cucumbers (ONTARIO) $.67/ lb

Giant Tiger: Primo pasta (WHEAT) $.69/454g, Bravo pasta sauce 500g bag/ $.93, Duracell batteries AA or AAA 14pk/ $6.97

Walmart: Armstrong cheese $3.94/ 500g, Lancia pasta (WHEAT) $.88/ 900g, Corn on the cob (ONTARIO) $.15 ea

Independent: Gay Lea butter $2.99/ lb, red, white or yellow potatoes 10lb bags, 2/$4, PC GF pasta $2.99/ 340gPC GF cake mixes $5.99, PC GF bread $4.79, prk side ribs $1.99/lb

Metro: large white eggs 2/$3, Black Diamond cheese 500g/ $3.88, Catelli GF pasta 340g buy 2 = +10 airmiles,



Canadian Tire has started carrying canning supplies, prices are good but not great.  Jars start at $7.99/ dz, 12 pc baking set (3 bowls, measuring spoons/ cups, whisk) $9.99.

Walmart: 2 2l baskets for $6: nectarines, pears, grapes. 2 3l baskets for $6: tomatoes, new potatoes, mini cucumbers. Cottonelle bathroom tissue 30 dbl rolls $11.97 ( 20cents/roll).

Independent: Kraft singles 500g/ $3 (1/2 price), lean ground beef club pack $2.49/lb (less than 1/2 price), 12 500ml jars: $7.99 (good, not great), Windsor coarse salt: $1.99/ 2kg. Rooster Brand scented rice $9.98/ 8kg. Thai Kitchen coconut milk $1.98/ 400ml. Primo canned lentils $1/ 540ml.

No Frills: Fresh chicken breast (skinless, bone-in) $2.44/lb.  No Name cheese $3.77/ 500g.  Rooster Brand scented rice $9.98/ 8kg.  Knorr chicken bouillon $7.88/ kg.

Metro: Cashmere bathroom tissue, 8 dbl rolls $2.88 ( 18 cents/ roll, 2/3 off!), Red Grill top sirloin or roast, AA $3.88/lb (2/3 off). Selection bacon $2.88/500g, Kraft singles $2.88/500g (1/2 price), Kraft peanut butter $4.99/kg, bottled Motts apple sauce 796ml 2/$5.

Real Cdn Superstore:  Kraft peanut butter $2.97/ 1kg, Ontario carrots $1.47/ 3lb, ROMA TOMATOES $7.98/ 25lbs, Jergens bar soap $3.97/ 18 bars (85g), Jergens liquid soap $3.97/ 2l, Ivory soap $2.97/ 10 bars (90g), Windsor table salt $.78/ kg (there is sugar and declumping agents in this)

Free Kindle books

Today has a couple recipes, links thanks to Common Sense Homesteading.

I know I’m late on the shopping spreadsheet, but this has been a week from hell.  If I get any requests to do it, I’ll start on it.  But if no one cares, I’ll skip this week.  No awesome ‘must-have’ specials anyway.

And my mom arrives wednesday!  I wonder how long I can keep her?  My mom grew up on a farm in the ’40s, so I hope to squeeze her for canning, farming info and family history.  And squeeze her just because I love her so much!

Just Add Water; food storage cookbook

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Healthy Dinners Under $3/ serving, probably a bit higher in Canada

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