Been a long time, sorry

Life got in the way, and my writing really took off! I’ve sold 4 short stories since May, and ave been asked to submit a fifth for an anthology this summer.

It’s all covered in http://www.lauriestewart-author (dot) com.

But No Frills this week is too good not to pass on to you.

PC Pub Recipe chicken strips or nuggets $2.97/ 800 grams, you can’t buy naked chicken for that price!

10ls of white potatoes for $1,44

Campbells chicken noodle, mushroom, tomato or veggie condensed soups 2/ $1. If I could eat wheat I’d stock up, but Campbells thickens their soup with flour.

Carrots or onions $2/ 10lb bag (hm, I need onions)

Beets or rutabagas $2/ 5lb bag

No Name pork cottage roll $2.97/ lb

And No Frills Price Matches, so…

Metro: asparagus $2.99/lb, great price if it’s not all woody

Granny Smith, Gala or Red delicious apples, Bartlett pears or seedless oranges $.99/ lb

New Zealand Spring lamb, leg or shank $4,99/ lb