Peruvian goodness, and birthday plans.

So, a couple weeks ago I had a Groupon for $60 off a meal for 4 at Petit Peru. WE met up with good friends to try to get in. Despite having a reservation, the place was tiny!  Seating maybe 40 people, so a group is kinda hard to seat.

Outside the restaurant, we ran into an old friend of all 4 of us that none of us had seen for a couple of year. The extra person tipped us into seating hell, we ended up with the only table large enough, which was supposed to seat 8.

But the food more than made up for the hassle. I had previously been introduced to Ceviche at a food fair, sushi grade white fish marinated in lime juice and hot peppers, served with thinly sliced raw onion.  OMG!

They had so many choices for a small place, even though the menu looked small, you could get many variations. Like chicken instead of seafood, with or without hot sauce, etc. We chowed down and pigged out. We each ordered something different, and passed small bites around the table.

On the left is my hubby’s choice; marinated steak, french fries, plantain, casava and fried egg. On the right is my Ceviche with sweet potatoes, hominy and toasted corn.  We also tried Inca Cola, which is bright yellow and kind of a tart vanilla. Not what I pictured at all, but so yummy.

I’d give it 5/5 stars, as the waitress was very knowledgeable and helpful, especially about one friend’s fish allergy. This restaurant is having an “All you can eat Ceviche festival” in July, just in time for my birthday! Guess what I’m asking for?


Last week, I also tried the Ceviche at Rico Peru, a local food truck. Their Ceviche was quite a bit spicier, right on the edge of too much for me, definitely too hot for most of my friends. They also had the most fascinating drink, which I am trying hard to recreate. I can’t remember the name, but it was black carrot juice (yes, really), pineapple juice, cinnamon and cloves. It tasted a bit like Ribena (black currant juice) with cinnamon.

They were way too far away from the office building for me and my cane, but since the city tells them where they can set up, I suppose I can’t deduct points for that. I didn’t get any photos, I was way too sore by the time I got the food and just sat down to eat it. It looked almost identical to the Ceviche pictured above, but in a plastic take-out thingie.

I’d give them 4 out of 5, just because I was exhausted before I ever got to them.



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