Garden update!

The Leading Edge of Chaos

It’s been only 2 weeks (3 for a couple of beds) since I last photographed everything, but the difference in the garden is huge.  I have comparison photos.  🙂

It has been either really hot or raining like a monsoon lately, so the weeds are going nuts.  It’s almost more than this old back can handle just keeping them from winning.  By the time I get the last bed weeded, the first is looking shaggy again.  Sigh… remind me why I love to garden so much.

Oh yeah, sunshine on my back, time alone to think and plot novels, music on the MP3 player…

So here are the photos, most were taken July 6th and today.  A few are from June 24th.

11709495_10155977119440107_6379886890031455393_n                        onion

Onions (bunching and other) planted in beds to ward off bugs.

11403481_10155920443690107_6768212256707944019_n                        apple mint

From one stalk of apple mint to many. And…

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No Frills coffee sale!!!!

Right now Now Frills has Cameron kcups (chocolate caramel brownie of toasted pecan flavour) 12 for $3!  That’s $.25 each!  1/2 the price of Costco plain coffee!!!

I’m excited!  I bought a case of 6 boxes of each.  $36 got me a couple months of amazing, yummy coffee.

Go buy some, go now.

And just FYI, Cameron kcups have less than 1/2 the plastic of most brands, the lid is the only plastic part, the bottom part is compostable.