Gardening or do it yourself food


Grapevines, tidied, tied up and all ready to explode with grapey goodness.   Seriously, it’s still May and they have clusters of flower buds.


Strawberries thinned and in bloom.  And thinning was spreading them out,  not getting rid of any.


Perennial onions happy and ready to eat by May 15th.  They’ll be good until frost kills them.


Tomato and other veggies in pots waiting to be planted outside.
So what is this all about?
A little bit of self sufficiency.   I always make jars and jars of stewed tomatoes,  jams, relish, mincemeat, and more. But lately I’ve been too sick to grow my own.  It’s expensive to buy 50 lbs of tomatoes.
But my gall bladder is gone, and although my back still gets worse every year, I can think again.  So I’m back to gardening.  An hour or 2 every couple days, a lot of help from friends, and soon there will be food.
Tomatoes,  hot peppers, sweet peppers, ground cherries, cauliflower, broccoli, peas,  herbs, rhubarb, blueberry bushes, sunchokes . .

So what is this all about?
Food security.   With all of the weird additives and recalls, I like to make everything possible from scratch.   And growing my own veggies is an extension of that.  No pesticides, no GMO, no high fructose corn syrup.
Good healthy food for my love and my friends
Next property gets an orchard. Hazeluts, apples, cherries, pears, plums, sumac, walnuts, a veritable paradise.
Now if only I could grow avocado, bananas and mango trees here.


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