Dragon Boat Festival means good prices on Asian ingredients

It’s been awhile since anybody had a decent sale, but No Frills has some interesting tidbits this week (until May 28th)
fresh whole chicken $1.97/lb
Rooster Brand jasmine rice $10.88/ 8kg (17.5lb)
Rooster Brand coconut milk $.88/ 398ml
FOCO coconut juice $.98/ 520ml
Rooster Brand sweetened condensed milk $1.88/300ml
Huy Fung Sriracha sauce $2.88/ 740ml
Colossal raw shrimp 16-20 count, frozen $7.88/300g
Seaquest seafood medley $3.97/ 340g
fresh asparagus $1.97/lb
russet potatoes or cooking onions $1.97/ 10lb
Gold Seal pink salmon $2.47/ 418g

Now, most of this will need putting up before long term storage is possible, but the possibilities for home-made heat-and-serve soup is mindboggling.


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