No Frills storage sales

For the first time in ages, there’s a sale worth going to.
No frills has their $1, $2, $3 sale on.

18 bottles Real Canadian  water
340g bag of baby cut carrots 
640g catelli pasta sauce
375g healthy harvest, smart, or bistro pasta
Cafe Cino espresso 250g
455g kraft bbq sauce
No Name pickle 1 liter
225g French’s mustard
3lbs yellow onions
Duncan Heinz cake mix or frosting (good for emergencies )
25′ aluminum foil  Alcan
30m Glad cling wrap
5lb russet potatoes
1kg no name apples

Cheemo perogies  (frozen ) 815-907g
Nestle chocolate bars 3/$2
295ml Minute Maid fruit punch  4/$2
Boneless pork loin $2/lb
Chicken wings  $2/lb

Most of this needs freezing, but at these prices it’s worth looking into freezer meals.  Where you spend one afternoon filling baggies with meat, veggies, and sauce, then freeze them.  You get healthy crockpot meals for a few weeks for a days work.


And don’t forget to save the chicken bones for broth.


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