Target starts liquidation soon.

As much as I loathe US big box stores coming up here,  paying minimum wage and part time hours without benefits,  and driving Canadian stores out if business or just buying them to close them down,  screwing up our economy,  increasing the number of working poor and screwing up our employment and poverty stats….
What was my point?
Oh yeah, I really loath Target applying for bankruptcy protection while owing $5 BILLION in back taxes, rent and wages,  and paying the failed CEO millions in severance. …
Right…. The liquidation sales may be worth going to.  They apparently have warehouses of stuff (which never made it onto the shelves while they were open) which will he marked up to 80% off.  Starting as soon as next week,  depending on which news sources you believe.
I went to the clearance racks after Halloween and found skull shaped bottles marked from $4.99 to $1.50. 
So I may go look for canning stuff, food storage and organizing stuff. … Things that will cost them a fortune to sell to me.
Especially ethnic foods,  slow cookers, canning jars…


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