Appearing at Yule craft Fair

This Sunday, Dec 6th, I will be at the Yule Craft Fair at the Bronson Centre in Ottawa (Ontario, Canada).  It’s open 3-7pm, and a percentage of profits go to two pet charities.  Service pets and Katz’ feral cat rescue.

I will be selling my hand-blended, all natural spice mixes, no preservatives, no fillers, no crap.  I will have a sample gift basket, and will be taking orders for Yule.  The baskets include two spice packets, basmati rice, tomatoes, coconut milk, chocolates, and recipes to make one complete dinner/ you just add the fresh ingredients.  You can order butter chicken/ curried veggies, zesty African chicken/ Moroccan veggies, Salsa chicken and Mexican rice, or any of the spices I make. ($25-30)

I also plan to have “elf earrings” for $15/ pair, and medicinal, herbal salves for $12.935124_10151666856891891_1952926545_n


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