12 Free ebooks for cooking and diets

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Free at time of posting

The Canning and Preserving bible!  Instructions, recipes, do and don’t lists!

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Canning & Preserving Bible: Quick And Easy – All You Need To Know About Canning And Preserving Food In Jars

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Home prepping:

Canning food is the best way to preserve food for consumption at a later date.
To be able to can food in your home you need to know a number of things about canning.

This book presents all you need to know about canning of food in your home in a simple
and instructive way. The book imparts valuable information on the various methods of
canning, the tools and equipment you will need, preparation tools, the canning process,
sealing of the jars as well as the safe storing canned foods. Preserve your surplus
produce by canning it for the future.