Going on a 4 day filming expedition

In two days we’re off to the wilds of Prince Edward County, Wellington and Picton.

I’m precooking up a storm to feed the cast and crew, and trying to prepare for a grueling filming schedule.  The care and feeding of this bunch is easier than my last project at least.

Only one vegetarian, no vegans, one non-Halal Muslim, and the rest seem to eat whatever I put in front of them.  So the menu includes sheppard’s pie, chili, chicken fried rice (vegetarian portions removed before the meat is added), potato salad, cole slaw, etc.

Some came from my food storage, the replacements being charged back to the film.  Some was purchased just for the weekend.

I am discovering that buying good food cheaply is a skill.  Not everyone has it.  Some REALLY don’t have it.

What we need is a simple app where you can enter items their usual sale price (and where), the unit price (because $5/ 24 cans of coke is good, $3 cases of 12 for $10 is not), and other details.  Then make everybody use it.


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