Sales for May 2nd to 8th

So, I’m back!  We spent almost 2 weeks in NB visiting my mom.  I wish I’d gotten to see a few more relatives, but we had a great time just relaxing and reconnecting.  And shopping in the States.  I mean, seriously…. 500 aspirin for $2.97!!  Seriously?

I stocked up on aspirin, decongestants and cough syrup.  My darling man and I have been sick all freaking winter.  I think my nose has been running since October. And now that Spring is finally here, my mold allergy has me sick again… still… both. 

We also got 2 BBQ chickens for $2.98 each.  WHOLE chickens!  They are on sale this week at Superstore for $8.98.

I will soon have good news (I hope) about my Laurie’s Ultimate Goods line.

But we’re back and there are bargains to be had.

No Frills:  Armstrong cheese 500g/ $3.77, GREAT price.  Pork spare ribs $2.88/lb, LESS than 1/2 price.  Welch’s frozen fruit, 600g/ $2.88, GREAT price.  Red Rose tea bags $1.97/ 72, the ONLY non-organic tea tested by Health Canada and found to have 0 pesticide residue.  No Name evaporated milk $.97/ 370ml, Real Canadian bottled water 24-500ml/ $1.97, PC Salsa 650ml/$1.97, Russet potatoes 10lbs/ $1.67 GREAT price, baby fresh artichokes 4/ $1, bartlett pears $.97/lb.

Superstore: mangoes 4/$5, kiwis 2 1kg bags/ $5, Unico beans (540ml) and tomatoes (796ml) $1.00/ can, PC Great Cdn Coffee 930g/ $7.88, GREAT price.

Metro:  Minute Maid juice boxes 10/ $1.88, Selection butter $2.88/lb (ends sunday), mangoes 4/$5, Shiritaki noodles (tofu) 226g/ 4/$5,

Udi’s Gluten Free Hot Dog or Hamburger Buns, Dinner Rolls or Pizza Crusts $4.99 great price

Food Basics, anniversary sale!  Cashmere tp 12 dbl rolls, $3.97 (save $6), 2 whole fresh chickens $10, Black Diamond cheese slices 500g/$2.99, Red Delicious apples $.88/lb, Sweet peppers $2.44/lb, tomatoes $.97/lb, Minute Maid frozen concentrated juice or smoothies 4/$5, TASSIMO Nabob coffee pods, 5 X 14 pods $25 (save ($15)



One thought on “Sales for May 2nd to 8th

  1. Also, at loblaws, there were Barilla gluten free pastas on sale, 1.50 for a 400 gram box, which is basically unheard of for gluten free pasta.

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