Chronic pain and fumbling for a diagnosis

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   I have migraines (since 1974), back pain (since 1980), crushed vertebrae (since about 2005), and a myriad of other less serious, but still frustrating, symptoms.  My current Dr, bless his little black heart, keeps treating these chronic conditions as injuries.

   He’ll give me 30 day prescriptions and be surprised when the condition returns when I stop taking the pills.  He says pain is subjective, and everyone gets back pain.  I have tried to explain the difference between my constant, never ending back pain and the flares of other pain, or unusually high pain. But he doesn’t seem to get it, as he tells me to make another appointment to discuss my pain, he doesn’t have time.  Sure, no problem.  I haven’t slept in 2 years, can’t walk a city block without crying, can’t make supper without 1/2 dozen breaks to rest, fall over at random intervals when my…

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Sales for May 2nd to 8th

So, I’m back!  We spent almost 2 weeks in NB visiting my mom.  I wish I’d gotten to see a few more relatives, but we had a great time just relaxing and reconnecting.  And shopping in the States.  I mean, seriously…. 500 aspirin for $2.97!!  Seriously?

I stocked up on aspirin, decongestants and cough syrup.  My darling man and I have been sick all freaking winter.  I think my nose has been running since October. And now that Spring is finally here, my mold allergy has me sick again… still… both. 

We also got 2 BBQ chickens for $2.98 each.  WHOLE chickens!  They are on sale this week at Superstore for $8.98.

I will soon have good news (I hope) about my Laurie’s Ultimate Goods line.

But we’re back and there are bargains to be had.

No Frills:  Armstrong cheese 500g/ $3.77, GREAT price.  Pork spare ribs $2.88/lb, LESS than 1/2 price.  Welch’s frozen fruit, 600g/ $2.88, GREAT price.  Red Rose tea bags $1.97/ 72, the ONLY non-organic tea tested by Health Canada and found to have 0 pesticide residue.  No Name evaporated milk $.97/ 370ml, Real Canadian bottled water 24-500ml/ $1.97, PC Salsa 650ml/$1.97, Russet potatoes 10lbs/ $1.67 GREAT price, baby fresh artichokes 4/ $1, bartlett pears $.97/lb.

Superstore: mangoes 4/$5, kiwis 2 1kg bags/ $5, Unico beans (540ml) and tomatoes (796ml) $1.00/ can, PC Great Cdn Coffee 930g/ $7.88, GREAT price.

Metro:  Minute Maid juice boxes 10/ $1.88, Selection butter $2.88/lb (ends sunday), mangoes 4/$5, Shiritaki noodles (tofu) 226g/ 4/$5,

Udi’s Gluten Free Hot Dog or Hamburger Buns, Dinner Rolls or Pizza Crusts $4.99 great price

Food Basics, anniversary sale!  Cashmere tp 12 dbl rolls, $3.97 (save $6), 2 whole fresh chickens $10, Black Diamond cheese slices 500g/$2.99, Red Delicious apples $.88/lb, Sweet peppers $2.44/lb, tomatoes $.97/lb, Minute Maid frozen concentrated juice or smoothies 4/$5, TASSIMO Nabob coffee pods, 5 X 14 pods $25 (save ($15)