Spring must be here, and food sales

There is a flock of cold weather sleepy ladybugs in my office, and a freezing rain outside.  My weather is weird.

No Frills: has frozen chicken breasts $1.97/lb ($4.32/kg), and potatoes 10lbs/ $1.77. Bartlett or Bosc pears .97/lb.  And it’s No Name week so most yellow No Name stuff is marked down a little.

Metro:  Whole chickens $3.39/lb buy one get one free… so… $1.70/lb.   Cashmere toilet paper 16 rolls $2.99. Kraft Singles or Cheez Whiz $2.94/ 500G, Summer Fresh Grain Salads $1.74/ 150-200G, 1/2 price.

Superstore:  Boneless blade pot roast (jerky anyone?) $2.48/lb (save $3), Sweet Source granulated suger (made from cane, not GMO beets) $1.78/2Kg, limit 6. 

More tomorrow.


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