Weekly sales, and Friday #gladitudes

Friday ‪#‎gladitude‬… late…
A GF restaurant that makes cupcakes!
My dying kitty still being cuddly and purring. Not too sad, she’s very old, and frail, but may outlive us all. I’ve been prepared to lose her any minute for over a year.
Old friends popping by out of nowhere, and guess what? They just got into the same shit you’ve gotten into since you last saw them!  (permaculture, nothing illegal)
Foggy mornings where the fog freezes to the tree branches making a world of carved crystal.
My editor having only 3 comments on my novel, one of which was…”more?”



No Frills:  Grace canned coconut milk 400ml/ $1, NN frozen peas or corn 750g/ $1, Beatrice sour cream 500ml/ $1, Maple Leaf flakes of ham 156g/ $1, Del Monte canned fruit 398ml/ $1, Pork 1/2 loin, seasoned $1/lb, WHEAT all purpose flour 2kg/ $1, Empire Apples $1/kg

Giant Tiger: Campbell’s condensed soup $.50 each (limit 6), Quaker 1-minute oatmeal $2.50/ kg, Carver’ Choice bacon $2/ 375g, Giant Value canned tomatoes 796ml/ $.88, Pampers Baby Dry diaper, sizes 1-6, 65-112/ pack $19.97


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