Sales this week; Jan 10-17, 2014

No Frills: chicken leg, back attached $1/ lb, bags of 3-4 legs.  Get these, seriously!

Giant Tiger: 3 lbs of Mackintosh apples for $1.88

That’s about it, this week.  Most sales are on crap food.

Since I hate posting only a couple of lines, I am feeling free to wax on about the permaculture course I’m taking online.  I mean, it is my blog, after all. 

I am taking a free 72 hour (plus hands on design work) online course through the Regenerative Institute.  All of the lectures are free (if a bit boring) but the certification costs about $500.  Mind you, you don’t need to be certified to design and build your own permaculture paradise.

I also want to get my herbalism degree/ chartered whats-it.  And build my spice, herb and salve business.  I’m sure you see this coming?  A permacultured happy little farm with perennial food crops, an edible forest and a medicinal meadow!  A plant it once and mostly not have to fuss over it, self sustaining business. 

Which reminds me, I must get the workshop finished so that I can make a few gallons of herbal oils for my salves and creams.


3 thoughts on “Sales this week; Jan 10-17, 2014

  1. I grabbed 10 lb of chicken and separated them into thighs & drumsticks. Got enough for a while. Didn’t need the apples cuz I canned 12 litres in the fall plus 43 litres of apple juice. Already have my veggie seeds ordered. Now looking for a crab apple tree.

  2. Thanks for the heads up regarding the food sales. I wish you luck with your upcoming business venture.

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