Preparing for the new year; 2014

So, looking back over 2013 I see a lot of good things, but they are almost outweighed (in my mind) by my demons; Distraction and Procrastination. 

Let’s start with the demons.

They are powerful, my demons.  I set up to write, and nothing gets done.  They sit on my keyboard, or legs dangling over the edge of my monitor.  They mutter and whimper and tempt me to do other things… any other things, than write.

And yet, I have other voices, clamouring to be written down.  Stories, ideas, visuals, scenes, plots, characters…..

So why in bloody blue hell don’t I write?!  My demons know every single weak point.  And they are loud!

So, I have been trying to set myself up for better in 2014.  I took a 30 day writing challenge to improve my understanding of why I’m procrastinating.  I spent much of it telling my inner critic to shut up, And going “yes, yes, I know!” to the results of the exercises.

So, I have great hopes for starting the new year armed with new writing tools, and a greater understanding of the demons who sit beyond me, interfering with my writing.  And I have a prioritized list of tings which must be done.  I like lists, they make it easier to get stuff done.  They remember things, remind me of things, and give me guilt when I procrastinate on things.

So this year I will write.  Scripts, novels, short stories…  and in my spare time, I hope to edit.  🙂


Yule & Christmas

Well its Christmas day, and we’re with the hubby’s family.
Presents have been opened, champagne has been drunk.  Now that’s a good tradition, champagne for breakfast!
This year I got a deck of voodoo and tarot crossover cards, real pearls, and wasabe chocolate.  Woot!
I made a joke about the pearls being really cool beads.  “I suppose if I say Yay, beads!, you’ll take them away from me.”  “really fast.”
The nieces brought their boyfriends, so it was patently obvious that time is moving on.  Their gift have changed from my little pony to electric mixers and cast iron.


My mom is away for 4 months, my family is scattered from NS to Toronto, and I spent 4 days on my feet baking.  This will be a sitting with wine kind of yule. 
So happy holidays, merry Christmas, happy kwanzaa, happy hannukah, and have a cool yule!