Free ebooks, and my new business

Food in Jars

Food preservation 2fer

My new Etsy business has now been to 2 Christmas Craft Fairs and things are moving well.  I’m learning a lot, and friends have been invaluable!  One gave me her old business card and pamphlet holders, and a display rack, another gave me wire shelves.  One redesigned my labels for free! I’ve gotten some excellent advice, too.

So now I’m faced with “how big do I want to get”?  Do I want to spend every weekend traveling to-from shows?  Or do I want online orders only? Do I want it to be a “filling in the corners” kind of thing, or a “replace the job” kind of thing?

As a sufferer of chronic pain, I have only so many “spoons” per day, and per week.  If I spend all day on my feet cooking on Monday, I may have used up half the week’s spoons in one day, leaving me exhausted and in pain for the actual show.  Speaking of which, each craft show is about 6 hours long but uses 2 days worth of spoons. 

One of the reasons I want a home based business is the ability to make my own schedule, nap if I need it, take 2 days off if I need to, etc.  But if I get really big, Jim can quit work big…  I will be as busy, or more busy than a regular job.

Not to mention, Jim has to drive me to the show, pack/unpack the car, set up/ tear down the table…

So, how big do I want to get?


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