Been awhile, missed me?

Fall is nearly over and we had few of the jaw-dropping, must buy sales we normally get at harvest time.  This worries me a bit.

We did get root vegetables and onion at $2/ 10lbs twice.  But meat only went on sale once, and that was just chicken (blsl breast $2/lb, but injected with water).

What does this say for food prices over the winter and spring?  Food is traditionally cheapest at harvest and most expensive in the spring.  I hope everyone took advantage of the few there were and canned/ froze/ dried for the winter.

Even canned goods never really went down.

I’m going to look into this a bit.


Free Books (kindle)

Thanks to Preparing for SHTF

How to get out of debt

How to plant your first successful vegetable garden

How to plant your first square foot garden

I strongly recommend the Sq Ft Gardening book.  I’ve been gardening that way for years and it really works.  Just remember the size of the full grown plant and give those babies space!

Back from Can-Con

Well, it was exhilarating and exhausting, fun and …. well, exhausting.  I guess I’m not 21 any longer, those 3:45am bedtimes are getting kind of hard on me.  But I learned a lot, met some interesting people, met a couple famous people, and stayed in THE best hotel suite ever.

Two bedrooms, two bathrooms (one ensuite) real kitchen (apartment size) laundry room, living/ dining room.  It was an apartment with maid service!

Picked up the cats at the babysitter’s. and lo and behold, guess who’s learning to can.  She is just starting, so it’s BWB, but she gave us some bread and butter pickles to try.  Mmmm, my hubby’s favourite.

So, next time I’ll bring her a jar of butter chicken, or the African peanut chicken I’m planning to make next.  And maybe a little baggie of spices to get her hooked on the clean taste of my all spice & herb blends.  (Laurie’s Ultimate Goods)