Kickass sales! (well, sales…..)

No Frills:  10Kg Five Roses or Robin Hood white WHEAT flour $8.77, Boneless pork loin half $1.47/ lb (less than 1/2 price), Redpath or Sweet Source brown, yellow or icing sugar (NOT raw or demerara) $1.97/kg, Rooster Brand sweetened condensed milk $1.88/ 300ml, Asparagus (PERU) $2.97/lb, field tomatoes or cucumbers (ONTARIO) $.67/ lb

Giant Tiger: Primo pasta (WHEAT) $.69/454g, Bravo pasta sauce 500g bag/ $.93, Duracell batteries AA or AAA 14pk/ $6.97

Walmart: Armstrong cheese $3.94/ 500g, Lancia pasta (WHEAT) $.88/ 900g, Corn on the cob (ONTARIO) $.15 ea

Independent: Gay Lea butter $2.99/ lb, red, white or yellow potatoes 10lb bags, 2/$4, PC GF pasta $2.99/ 340gPC GF cake mixes $5.99, PC GF bread $4.79, prk side ribs $1.99/lb

Metro: large white eggs 2/$3, Black Diamond cheese 500g/ $3.88, Catelli GF pasta 340g buy 2 = +10 airmiles,


2 thoughts on “Kickass sales! (well, sales…..)

    • I don’t actually, I mail order it from here:
      The 1lb is $49.90 and the 5lb is $218.00 each plus S&H for your postal code which for the 1lb would be about $15.00 and for the 5lb would be about $18.00. You can call me toll free at 1 877 706 8493 to place an order. Carol Harvest Plus

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