Meals in Jars

I am fascinated by the idea of ready made meals in jars, whether PC’d or dried.  One you just heat up and serve with rice or quinoa, the other you add water and boil.


Now, its been easy to find PC’d meals: soups, stews, butter chicken… But almost all of the dried ones use *Thrive dehydrated meat & veggies, or are for cookies.  So I must look harder or invent my own.

Like chili: dried black beans, chili seasoning mix, dried veggies, dried onion & garlic, but what to do about the tomatoes? I don’t want to have to add them at cooking, because the idea is to have emergency, just add water food.  The power’s out, what do we cook on the propane stove food.  Yes, technically I could add a can of tomatoes.

So… camping food?  The zombies are coming, head for the hills food?

Here’s a good website for ideas, though many don’t follow the needs of my food sensitive friends and family.  (Homesteading Today forum)  But in the 200+ recipes, there must be enough that can be altered to be worth looking at.




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