Canadian Tire has started carrying canning supplies, prices are good but not great.  Jars start at $7.99/ dz, 12 pc baking set (3 bowls, measuring spoons/ cups, whisk) $9.99.

Walmart: 2 2l baskets for $6: nectarines, pears, grapes. 2 3l baskets for $6: tomatoes, new potatoes, mini cucumbers. Cottonelle bathroom tissue 30 dbl rolls $11.97 ( 20cents/roll).

Independent: Kraft singles 500g/ $3 (1/2 price), lean ground beef club pack $2.49/lb (less than 1/2 price), 12 500ml jars: $7.99 (good, not great), Windsor coarse salt: $1.99/ 2kg. Rooster Brand scented rice $9.98/ 8kg. Thai Kitchen coconut milk $1.98/ 400ml. Primo canned lentils $1/ 540ml.

No Frills: Fresh chicken breast (skinless, bone-in) $2.44/lb.  No Name cheese $3.77/ 500g.  Rooster Brand scented rice $9.98/ 8kg.  Knorr chicken bouillon $7.88/ kg.

Metro: Cashmere bathroom tissue, 8 dbl rolls $2.88 ( 18 cents/ roll, 2/3 off!), Red Grill top sirloin or roast, AA $3.88/lb (2/3 off). Selection bacon $2.88/500g, Kraft singles $2.88/500g (1/2 price), Kraft peanut butter $4.99/kg, bottled Motts apple sauce 796ml 2/$5.

Real Cdn Superstore:  Kraft peanut butter $2.97/ 1kg, Ontario carrots $1.47/ 3lb, ROMA TOMATOES $7.98/ 25lbs, Jergens bar soap $3.97/ 18 bars (85g), Jergens liquid soap $3.97/ 2l, Ivory soap $2.97/ 10 bars (90g), Windsor table salt $.78/ kg (there is sugar and declumping agents in this)


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