It has been a couple of weeks since I posted the spreadsheet of sales.  I have had only 2 responses.

Both said that they would rather I posted only the MUST Have sales.  So:

Metro, maybe other Loblaws owned stores, have canning supplies on sale.

Canning jars: 500ml $7.99, 750ml-1liter $9.99

This is a GOOD price.  They also have liquid pectin on sale but I find it almost never gels for me.  I use only the no-sugar-needed powdered pectin or the Pomona pectin.

No Frills has seasoned frozen chicken breasts, boneless/ skinless OR boneless sliced pork loin $1.97/ lb (less than 1/2 price)

I plan to buy about 20 lbs of each and can them.


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