Meals in Jars

I am fascinated by the idea of ready made meals in jars, whether PC’d or dried.  One you just heat up and serve with rice or quinoa, the other you add water and boil.


Now, its been easy to find PC’d meals: soups, stews, butter chicken… But almost all of the dried ones use *Thrive dehydrated meat & veggies, or are for cookies.  So I must look harder or invent my own.

Like chili: dried black beans, chili seasoning mix, dried veggies, dried onion & garlic, but what to do about the tomatoes? I don’t want to have to add them at cooking, because the idea is to have emergency, just add water food.  The power’s out, what do we cook on the propane stove food.  Yes, technically I could add a can of tomatoes.

So… camping food?  The zombies are coming, head for the hills food?

Here’s a good website for ideas, though many don’t follow the needs of my food sensitive friends and family.  (Homesteading Today forum)  But in the 200+ recipes, there must be enough that can be altered to be worth looking at.




Sales starting tomorrow!

Metro:  Cedar or Goudas rice $8.48/ 8kg, Lemons $2.99/ 2lbs, Friday to Sunday only: Lactantia butter $2.88/lb, AA rib steak or roast $4.88/lb

Independent gets the “If that’s their idea of a sale, don’t even bother” award.

No Frills:  Pork tenderloin or back ribs $2.88/lb, Maple Lodge Zahiba Halal chicken bologna (375g) or wieners (450g) $.97 pkg, Maxwell House ground coffee $6.97/ 925g, Black Diamond sliced cheese $1.97/ 500g

Walmart: red/ green seedless grapes $.088/lb, Royal bathroom tissue 24 dbl rolls/ $8.97 (= .19/ single roll), carrots or onions $1.27/ 3lbs, Kraft Cracker Barrel cheese $5.84/500g, Campbell’s condensed soups $.67/284ml, Hunting camo bomber jacket or cargo pants $34.96

Giant Tiger: Parkay margerine $1/ 427g, Motts garden cocktail $.99/ 945ml, Giant Value crinkle or straight cut frozen fries $.98/ kg, Duracell 16pk batteries $7.98 (1/2 price),



Canadian Tire has started carrying canning supplies, prices are good but not great.  Jars start at $7.99/ dz, 12 pc baking set (3 bowls, measuring spoons/ cups, whisk) $9.99.

Walmart: 2 2l baskets for $6: nectarines, pears, grapes. 2 3l baskets for $6: tomatoes, new potatoes, mini cucumbers. Cottonelle bathroom tissue 30 dbl rolls $11.97 ( 20cents/roll).

Independent: Kraft singles 500g/ $3 (1/2 price), lean ground beef club pack $2.49/lb (less than 1/2 price), 12 500ml jars: $7.99 (good, not great), Windsor coarse salt: $1.99/ 2kg. Rooster Brand scented rice $9.98/ 8kg. Thai Kitchen coconut milk $1.98/ 400ml. Primo canned lentils $1/ 540ml.

No Frills: Fresh chicken breast (skinless, bone-in) $2.44/lb.  No Name cheese $3.77/ 500g.  Rooster Brand scented rice $9.98/ 8kg.  Knorr chicken bouillon $7.88/ kg.

Metro: Cashmere bathroom tissue, 8 dbl rolls $2.88 ( 18 cents/ roll, 2/3 off!), Red Grill top sirloin or roast, AA $3.88/lb (2/3 off). Selection bacon $2.88/500g, Kraft singles $2.88/500g (1/2 price), Kraft peanut butter $4.99/kg, bottled Motts apple sauce 796ml 2/$5.

Real Cdn Superstore:  Kraft peanut butter $2.97/ 1kg, Ontario carrots $1.47/ 3lb, ROMA TOMATOES $7.98/ 25lbs, Jergens bar soap $3.97/ 18 bars (85g), Jergens liquid soap $3.97/ 2l, Ivory soap $2.97/ 10 bars (90g), Windsor table salt $.78/ kg (there is sugar and declumping agents in this)


It has been a couple of weeks since I posted the spreadsheet of sales.  I have had only 2 responses.

Both said that they would rather I posted only the MUST Have sales.  So:

Metro, maybe other Loblaws owned stores, have canning supplies on sale.

Canning jars: 500ml $7.99, 750ml-1liter $9.99

This is a GOOD price.  They also have liquid pectin on sale but I find it almost never gels for me.  I use only the no-sugar-needed powdered pectin or the Pomona pectin.

No Frills has seasoned frozen chicken breasts, boneless/ skinless OR boneless sliced pork loin $1.97/ lb (less than 1/2 price)

I plan to buy about 20 lbs of each and can them.