Free Kindle books

Today has a couple recipes, links thanks to Common Sense Homesteading.

I know I’m late on the shopping spreadsheet, but this has been a week from hell.  If I get any requests to do it, I’ll start on it.  But if no one cares, I’ll skip this week.  No awesome ‘must-have’ specials anyway.

And my mom arrives wednesday!  I wonder how long I can keep her?  My mom grew up on a farm in the ’40s, so I hope to squeeze her for canning, farming info and family history.  And squeeze her just because I love her so much!

Just Add Water; food storage cookbook

Planting Your 1st Veggie garden

How to sprout raw food

Healthy Dinners Under $3/ serving, probably a bit higher in Canada

Thanks to Preparing for SHTF for the links to

Bread recipes (GF and special diet)

GF Foccacia bread (

Buckwheat wraps (

GF English Muffins (

GF Naan bread (


One thought on “Free Kindle books

  1. I’m concerned that she uses rice flour in so many recipes at Intentionally Domestic. One of the things that drives me nuts on some of these sites is the assumption that your audience is able to mill flour let alone have a stand mixer. The recipes, however, I’m sure can be adapted for those of us who still use good old fashioned muscle. 🙂

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