Free Kindle books (at time of posting)

The Camping Cookbook

Get Out of Dodge, prepping to leave during a disaster

Prepping with Your Family

The Poor Man’s prepping guide

Food Inflation, gardening just makes cents

2 Book Guide to backyard chickens

2 Book Guide to food preservation



Free at time of posting (Kindle) & link to food storgae on a budget

We Use Coupons, you should too

Tilapia Farming, learn more about aquaponics

How to Build a Kick-Ass Wood Fired Oven

Survival Guide for the Modern World

Container Vegetable Gardening, 7 easy steps

Root Cellar Handbook

Bug Out and Live, 3 day bug out bag planner

Thanks to Herbs & Oils :

Step by Step Plan to build your food storage on your regular grocery budget.

Kindle ebooks and a few notes

A Beginner’s Guide to Companion Planting

Canning Whoop-ass: a beginner’s guide to canning

Scientifically Proven Home Remedies

How to Keep a Garden Journal

100 Easy Recipes in Jars

Thanks to Preparing for SHTF


Today we are expecting thunderstorms and “severe weather”, possibly until saturday.  We are also expecting my Mom.  😀

I had hoped to take her around to the cool sights, like the 2 new superstores that opened up (both Asian), or to a local campground with a lake for swimming.  But I guess we’ll be spending the rest of the week on, teaching her to use amazon kindle apps, and making face creams, spice recipes, and canning shit.  Maybe redesigning my spice labels so I can open my Etsy store.  I’m eager to start selling my spice mixes.

Quality time with a woman I suspect has too few years left for my liking.  Of course, I’d like her to live forever.  She’s that awesome.  Even my friends love her, half her visit will be with my friends.  And it can’t possibly be long enough, 20 year would not be long enough.