Free ebooks (Kindle)

Thanks to Preparing for SHTF and Mike the Gardener:

Sustainable Living Explained

Homemade Health: things your grandmother knew

Grandma’s Recipes: the teeth, and the gums, and wounds

Disaster Preparedness

Survival Guide for Beginners

How to Grow: Tomatoes, Peppers & Eggplant

Herb Gardens made easy

Quinoa Recipes

Kale Recipes

So, this week has been fairly crappy.  I lost the yellow opal from a ring I was given for my 50th birthday.  It has rained so much that I haven’t had a pain free moment in what seems like forever, and I’m walking like I’m ninety.

There was a sharp upswing on saturday, though.  We spent the day at the Perth Kilt Run (Webpage for kilt run) and got a free t shirt with “the madman in a kilt” on the front.  It was good to spend quiet-ish time with good friends.

Sunday was a bit of filming for a teaser for Reliving Marilyn’s indiegogo campaign.  We are at just over $1400 to make this moving film about a never before told story (based on real letters and photos of Marilyn Monroe).  We still need all the help we can get.  Since it’s set in the late ’50s, we need to pay for wardrobe, props, hair, cars,….. everything.

More books, thanks to Prepper Chicks:

Herbs: Boxed Set

Really Healthy Gluten Free: recipes

A great article of the survival value of coffee filters.

Off the Grid Hydroponics: no power needed


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