Free ebooks and a few thoughts

“Organic farming has been shown to provide major benefits for wildlife and the wider environment. The best that can be said about genetically engineered crops is that they will now be monitored to see how much damage they cause.” -Prince Charles

Thanks to Preparing for SHTF:

Superfood Gardening Guidebook

Raised Bed 3 book bundle

100 Easy Camping Recipes (also good for survival situations)

Off the Grid Hydroponics

The Natural Remedy Handbook

Survival Seeds

And in a more survival than homesteading vein….

Survival 101

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse Warning crude humour

So, a dear friend ran out of homemade jam to go on her homemade bread.  Not her fault, her kitchen has been in reno since the fall.  Er… autumn, not the fall of civilization due to zombies.

Home storage is awesome, I was able to go out and easily find her: apple jelly, pina colada jam, blueberry jam, and raspberry pancake syrup. Ok, the last technically isn’t a jam or jelly, but it could be smeared over buttered bread.

I was also able to make a nice pasta with black olives and tomatoes for lunch, GF and from storage.  Even the onion & garlic.  WIN!

I was dismayed to find this morning that my size 12 jeans are now ’80s jeans.  (If you don’t get the reference, look at any 80’s movie and see how TIGHT the jeans are).

I blame the prescription painkillers I’m on for my crushed vertebra & ruptured discs, it is known to put as much as 60 lbs on a person in only months!  Now’ I’ve put on about 40 lbs since my back got so bad, and almost 10 since starting the Lyrica.  But can really only blame the last 8 on the damned pills.

I thank my whole-real food, GF diet for the lack of the other 50lbs.  But still, I have a hard time looking at all the extra weight.  Up to about 40 years old, I was under a size 6.  Naturally, no dieting, eating anything and everything I wanted.  Those habits are hard to break, and the subconscious expectation of seeing a size 6 in the mirror is even harder.

Some days it seems the universe is made of stress, and I’m too busy to do anything about it.  And all my comfort foods are bad for me; popcorn, chocolate, coke, forget cake/ bread/ pasta.  Nobody in the house is happy when I eat wheat.

And it’s been raining pretty steady for weeks, so my arthritis flares around the damage in my back and hip.  Today is not a happy day.

But I have GF pasta.  I’ll be happier soon.


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