Free Kindle ebooks, and thoughts on Spring

Thanks to Mike the Gardener, these are awesome.

Organic Gardening Essentials;  Book One (NOT free), Book Two, Book Three, Book Four

Starting Seeds

Two Sisters: Raw Food


I hate Spring.  I have come to this conclusion after a loong spring of such perfectly times rains that the dirt is always too wet to properly work.  The heavy dirt broke my rototiller, the wet weeds broke both the weed whacker and the ride-on lawn mower. 

Now the bylaw officer came to complain about the lawn.  It’s not a lawn, it’s a yard.  People park on it.   It’s supposed to be wild and unkempt.  That’s why I live in the country, not a housing development.

I also hate the long wet periods because a crushed vertebra in my lower back, a fused vertebra in mid back and the accompanying surgery induced arthritis just kill me.  I’m just now getting able to move easily after a week of pain so bad I could barely walk.

AND this is when the garden is supposed to go in!  It’ll be a month late this weekend.  But I can’t go any faster.  I just hope the late wet spring leads to a decent summer and long warm Fall.  Just to give the tomatoes a chance to ripen. 

Thank Gods for friends who come out to help.  I would really miss fresh food.


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