Change in format, books and Costco

So, I wasn’t happy with the way my spreadsheets looked in the old format.  Hard to read, dollar signs on a different line for Pete’s sake!

So I changed templates, and I’m happier.  😀

Now:  Costco has a few things this week, so  find a friend with a membership and sweet talk them into bringing you.

Boneless pork loin (center & rib, sold by the kilo) $5 off per pack.  This is a great deal, and awesome lean pork.  It can be pressure canned with BBQ sauce, herbs & black pepper or plain, or just cut into thick pork chops and frozen.

Springtime biodegradable laundry detergent, 185 loads for $11.99

Dove soap for sensitive skin, 14 X 113g bars for $12.49

Tampax 96 for 13.59  (can be used in bullet holes, or as gauze dressing since they’re sterile, also great trade goods if the SHTF)

Oral B criss-cross toothbrushes, 8 for $11.99

Kindle books, free at time of posting:

Rice Farming

Permaculture Chicken

Going Native for Seed

Worm Book for Beginners

Herb Gardening for Beginners


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