Weekly sales and a recall notice

VOLUNTARY RECALL – Undeclared Allergen – no name® Chunky Vegetable Pasta Soup

Specials  Walmart  No Frills  Independent  Giant Tiger  Metro  Farm Boy  Food Basics
Organic strawberries (USA) 454g  2/ $4.00
Organic raspberries (USA), 170g  2/ $5.00
Sweet red peppers (Ontario), per pound  $    1.99
Cracker Barrel cheese, 500g  $            5.99  $    4.99
Tomatoes on vine (Ontario), per pound  $    1.69  $    0.99
Selection canned vegetables, buy 4 cans  $    0.79
Selection cider vinegar, 1 liter  $    1.99
Barilla pasta, 454g  $    0.99
Harvest Crunch quinoa or trail mix bars, 210g  2/ $5.00
Nestlé Pure Life water, 24X 500ml  $            2.43  $           2.99
Coca Cola, 12 X 355ml cans  $            2.99  $    2.99
Strawberries (Ontario), quart  $      1.97  2/ $5.00
Lean ground beef or ground pork, per pound  $            2.49  $           3.49
PC or Blue Menu lasagna or cabbage rolls, 2.27kg  $            6.99
Robin Hood or Five Roses WHEAT flour, 2.5kg  $            4.99
Clorox bleach, 3.58 liters  $            3.49
Gold Seal salmon 213g or Millionaire sardines 106g  $            2.00
Unico artichoke hearts, 170ml jar  $            0.99
Italpasta 375-900g  $            1.50
Cured pork loin, rolled in cornmeal, 800g  $            5.99
PC Free From striploin steak, per pound (save $8)  $           12.99
PC Free From chicken breast or cutlet, per pound  $           10.99
PC Organics bananas, per pound  $            0.99
Iogo Probio yogurt, 650g  $            2.49
Mediterranean greek yogurt, 500g  $            3.49
PC speciality teas, 20 bags  $            1.99
T&T Korean honey citron tea, 1 liter  $            4.49
T&T Korean Kalbi marinade, 960g  $            3.99
T&T frozen edamame, 454g  $            1.48
Rizopia 100% rice pasta, 454g  $            1.67
Ivory soap, 10 X 90g bars  $            3.49
Advil Liqui-gels 200mg X 72 or 400mg X 50  $            9.99
Similac infant formula powder w/ omega, 728g  $           25.49
Ragu pasta sauce, 640ml jar  $            0.99
PC Real Canadian coffee, ground 930g  $            8.99
Kraft peanut butter, 1 kg  $            3.99
Cap off rib steak, family pack, per pound  $           3.97
Irresistables port back ribs, frozen, 680g  $           5.88
Beatrice or Sealtest, 4l milk, 1%, 2% or skim  $           3.97
Bananas, per pound  $           0.57
Roma Tomatoes, per pound  $           0.97
Heinz beans or pasta, 398ml  $           0.99
Webers bucket of burgers, 10 burgers, 1.02kg  $           7.99
Cashmere bathroom tissue, 12 dbl rolls  $           5.99
Bicks pickles, 1 liter jar  $           1.99
Heinz ketchup, 1 liter  $      2.97  $     3.00  $          2.88  $           2.99
Europes Best frozen berries, 600 g  $           3.99
Nectarines (USA) per pound  $    0.99
Large plums (USA) per pound  $    0.99
Green zucchini, (Canada), per pound  $    0.79
Tbone steak, Canada AA, per pound  $    5.44
Raspberries, (USA) 170g  $     1.00
Maple Leaf or Country Naturals bacon, 375-500g  $      3.97  $     3.00
Pork back ribs, pack of 2, per pound  $     3.00
Alcan foil wrap, 25 ft, SOS pads 10  $     1.00
Maxwell House instant coffee, 200g  $     3.00
Welch’s frozen fruit. 600g  $     3.00
Ramen noodles WHEAT, each  $     0.25
PC salsa, 650 ml jar  $     2.00
Maple Lodge halal chicken weiner, bologne, 450g  $     1.00
Avocado, 5 per bag  $     2.00
Mangoes  $     0.50
Pork side ribs or chicken drumsticks. thighs, per pound  $      1.88
Natural spring water, 24 X 500ml  $      1.47
Cottonelle bathroom tissue, 24 dbl rolls  $      9.77
Sweet potatoes, per pound  $      0.57
Fresh whole chickens, 2 pack  $    14.00
Armstrong cheese, 500g  $      4.93
Kraft dinner, WHEAT  $      1.00
Melitta traditional grind coffee, 930g  $          7.97
Maple Leaf flakes of ham or chicken, 156g  $          1.00
Maple Leaf top dogs, 454g  $          2.00
Primo pasta sauce 680ml, diced tomatoes 796ml  $          1.00
Primo pasta, 900g, beans or chickpeas 540g  $          1.00
Quaker chewy granola bars WHEAT, 16’s  $          3.00

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So, this week has been fairly crappy.  I lost the yellow opal from a ring I was given for my 50th birthday.  It has rained so much that I haven’t had a pain free moment in what seems like forever, and I’m walking like I’m ninety.

There was a sharp upswing on saturday, though.  We spent the day at the Perth Kilt Run (Webpage for kilt run) and got a free t shirt with “the madman in a kilt” on the front.  It was good to spend quiet-ish time with good friends.

Sunday was a bit of filming for a teaser for Reliving Marilyn’s indiegogo campaign.  We are at just over $1400 to make this moving film about a never before told story (based on real letters and photos of Marilyn Monroe).  We still need all the help we can get.  Since it’s set in the late ’50s, we need to pay for wardrobe, props, hair, cars,….. everything.

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And this weeks specials:


Specials  Walmart   No Frills   Independent   Giant Tiger   Metro   Freshco 
Chicken breasts, boneless skinless, per pound          $    4.99  $    2.00
peaches or nectarines (USA), per pound            $    1.00
Maxwell House instant coffee, 200g    $    3.00        $    3.00
Eggplant, (USA) per pound            $    1.00
Motts Garden Cocktail, 945ml            $    1.00
Minute Rice brown rice, 600g            $    3.00
Barilla pasta, 454g (1 lb)            $    1.00
Hunts Thick & Rich pasta sauce, 680ml            $    1.00
Del Monte canned fruit, 540-796ml            $    2.00
Zucchini, (Ontario), per pound            $    1.00
Neal Brothers organic totilla chips, popcorn 113-300g          2/ $5.00   
Blue Diamond, almond milk, 946ml          $    1.99  
Nuts To You organic nut spreads, 500g jar          $    3.99  
Neal Brothers organic salsa, pasta sauce, 350-750g          $    2.99  
So Delicious, coconut milk ice cream, 272-544ml          $    5.49  
Top sirloin steak, per pound, family pack only          $    2.99  
Irresistables or Europe’s Best frozen fruit, 460-600g          $    2.99  
Asparagus (Ontario), per pound          $    2.99  
Sweet potatoes (USA), per pound          $    1.29  
Pataks cooking sauce, 284-400ml          $    3.99  
Glda Noor or Phoenica 555 basmati rice, 10lbs          $    6.88  
Cedar beans, 540 ml          $    0.77  
Golden Temple WHEAT flour, 9kg          $    8.88  
Casablanca honey (not local) 1 kg          $    6.48  
Primo spaghetti. 454g        $          0.69    
Alpha Meat, lean ground beef, 4 X 400g,         $        10.00    
Pillers polish sausage, 1 kg        $          5.97    
Strawberries (Ontario), 1 qt      2/ $5.00       
Nestle Pure Life water, 24 X 500ml      $            2.43      
Kraft peanut butter, 750g -1kg    $    3.00  $            3.99      
Cracker Barrel cheddar cheese, 500g      $            5.99      
PCc The Great Canadian or Gourmet coffee, 875-930g      $            8.99      
Ragu pasta sauce, 640 ml jar      $            0.99      
Rizopia rice pasta, 454g      3/ $5.00       
T&T korean honey and citron tea, 1 liter jar      $            4.49      
T&T frozen edamame, 454g      $            1.48      
Bicks pickles, beets, peppers or sauerkraut, 500ml-1L      $            2.99      
Campbells chicken broth, 1L tetra      2/ $5.00       
Libertee 7% MF greek style yogurt, 500g      $            3.49      
Italpasta, 375-900g      2/ $3.00       
Clover Leaf salmon, 125-213g      2/ $4.00       
Unico black olives, 375ml      $            0.99      
Neilson chocolate or strawberry flavoured milk, 1L      $            1.00      
Unico pasta sauce, 680ml      3/ $2.00       
Chicken breasts, bone-in skin-on, per pound      $            2.00      
Lactancia butter, 454g      $            3.00      
Welch’s frozen fruit, 600g      $            3.00      
Starbreeze apothecary jar candle, 18oz      $            3.00      
Farmers Market baby carrots, 340g      $            1.00      
Blueberries (USA), pint  $    1.50          
Pepsi or Coke, 24 X 355ml cans  $    5.97          
English cucumbers, each  $    0.67          
Eggplant (USA) or Zucchini, (Ontario), per pound  $    0.88          
Carvers Choice bacon, 500g  $    2.97          

Free ebooks and a few thoughts

“Organic farming has been shown to provide major benefits for wildlife and the wider environment. The best that can be said about genetically engineered crops is that they will now be monitored to see how much damage they cause.” -Prince Charles

Thanks to Preparing for SHTF:

Superfood Gardening Guidebook

Raised Bed 3 book bundle

100 Easy Camping Recipes (also good for survival situations)

Off the Grid Hydroponics

The Natural Remedy Handbook

Survival Seeds

And in a more survival than homesteading vein….

Survival 101

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse Warning crude humour

So, a dear friend ran out of homemade jam to go on her homemade bread.  Not her fault, her kitchen has been in reno since the fall.  Er… autumn, not the fall of civilization due to zombies.

Home storage is awesome, I was able to go out and easily find her: apple jelly, pina colada jam, blueberry jam, and raspberry pancake syrup. Ok, the last technically isn’t a jam or jelly, but it could be smeared over buttered bread.

I was also able to make a nice pasta with black olives and tomatoes for lunch, GF and from storage.  Even the onion & garlic.  WIN!

I was dismayed to find this morning that my size 12 jeans are now ’80s jeans.  (If you don’t get the reference, look at any 80’s movie and see how TIGHT the jeans are).

I blame the prescription painkillers I’m on for my crushed vertebra & ruptured discs, it is known to put as much as 60 lbs on a person in only months!  Now’ I’ve put on about 40 lbs since my back got so bad, and almost 10 since starting the Lyrica.  But can really only blame the last 8 on the damned pills.

I thank my whole-real food, GF diet for the lack of the other 50lbs.  But still, I have a hard time looking at all the extra weight.  Up to about 40 years old, I was under a size 6.  Naturally, no dieting, eating anything and everything I wanted.  Those habits are hard to break, and the subconscious expectation of seeing a size 6 in the mirror is even harder.

Some days it seems the universe is made of stress, and I’m too busy to do anything about it.  And all my comfort foods are bad for me; popcorn, chocolate, coke, forget cake/ bread/ pasta.  Nobody in the house is happy when I eat wheat.

And it’s been raining pretty steady for weeks, so my arthritis flares around the damage in my back and hip.  Today is not a happy day.

But I have GF pasta.  I’ll be happier soon.

Free Kindle ebooks, and thoughts on Spring

Thanks to Mike the Gardener, these are awesome.

Organic Gardening Essentials;  Book One (NOT free), Book Two, Book Three, Book Four

Starting Seeds

Two Sisters: Raw Food


I hate Spring.  I have come to this conclusion after a loong spring of such perfectly times rains that the dirt is always too wet to properly work.  The heavy dirt broke my rototiller, the wet weeds broke both the weed whacker and the ride-on lawn mower. 

Now the bylaw officer came to complain about the lawn.  It’s not a lawn, it’s a yard.  People park on it.   It’s supposed to be wild and unkempt.  That’s why I live in the country, not a housing development.

I also hate the long wet periods because a crushed vertebra in my lower back, a fused vertebra in mid back and the accompanying surgery induced arthritis just kill me.  I’m just now getting able to move easily after a week of pain so bad I could barely walk.

AND this is when the garden is supposed to go in!  It’ll be a month late this weekend.  But I can’t go any faster.  I just hope the late wet spring leads to a decent summer and long warm Fall.  Just to give the tomatoes a chance to ripen. 

Thank Gods for friends who come out to help.  I would really miss fresh food.