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My advice on using food storage is the same as everyone else who has had to live off of it for any amount of time.  “Store what you eat and eat what you store.”

I discovered this wisdom for myself (after hearing it for years but choosing to experiment with new recipes anyway) when my darling man was out of work for nine months out of twelve one year.  We survived on savings and food storage. 

And suddenly my pretty yellow tomato and black olive spaghetti sauce just wasn’t cutting it.  Although the 1 kilo cans of coffee we picked up whenever it went on sale proved brilliant!  So did the jelly made from 1 litre boxes of pure fruit juice.

The most used things out of storage were: canned tomatoes, dry beans and lentils, pasta/ sauce, canned veggies, frozen veggies, frozen meat.  But now things have gotten more complicated by my newly discovered wheat intolerance.  Fortunately, Costco sells bulk packages of GF pasta.

I can pressure can meat, and have done so.  I even recommend doing so, because it’s shelf stable and not dependent on the power remaining on.  BUT, I don’t use it as much as I should because frozen’s just easier.  So, contract work as a consultant being what it is: feast or famine…

I’m thinking of bottling ready to eat meals.  Butter chicken sauce with chicken (obviously), chili with hamburger (thick thick chili), maybe ratatouille or African chicken stew or Moroccan beef with tomatoes….

Maybe I should post recipes?





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