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So, there are some new ideas on this storage shopping list.  Some instant food, like Chef Boyardi (I know, not real food in any sense) for instant, no heat needed EMERGENCY food.  Cake and frosting, if the SHTF, you may need something familiar and comforting to keep from killing your kids.  I also recommend storing booze for this reason.  😉

Fresh fruit for jams or butters, fresh veggies to pickle or pressure can.  Try pickling the asparagus using a “dilly beans” recipe.  Next week I’ll share a few links and/ or recipes for fermented veggies.  They are THE BEST for pickling veggies without vinegar, and have more nutrition than regular pickling.

First aid supplies, you know you’re gonna need them. I recommend storing 40proof vodka for sterilizing first aid tools.  And making herbal tinctures, but I’ll deal with them at a later date.  Also home made herbal salves and creams.

Infant formula, just in case.

Pre-potted veggies, there is nothing as healthy and morally satisfying as growing your own food.

Garden tools and seed!  They’re not on the list, but they’re on sale everywhere right now, and you should learn to grow your own veggies from seed.  It’s cheaper by an order of magnitude!

Giant Tiger has trowels for $4.97. and Black & Decker cultivator-hoe ( a veryvery useful tool) $5.97.

Specials  Walmart  No Frills  Independent  Giant Tiger     Metro
Sweet cherries (fresh) per pound 3.88
Nestle Pure Life water, 24 X 500ml 2.44 2.44
Kraft Cheez Whiz 500g jar 2.99
Organic mangos 2/ $5.00 3/ $5.00
Asparagus per pound 1.97 2.99 2.99
Selection aluminium foil, 100 ft roll 3.49
Nestea iced tea crystals, 640g-1kg (dendens on flavour) 5.49
Duncan Hines cake or brownie mix, or icing 2/ $4.00
Lysol cleaners 650-710ml 2.49
Baby carrots, 1 lb bag 1.00
Kraft Cheez Whiz 900g jar 6.97
Gain laundry detergent (powder) 10.96
Palmolive dish detergent, 739ml 2.00
Royal bathroom tissue, 24 double rolls 9.97
Royal paper towels, 12 rolls 9.97
Planters peanuts, 2.5kg bag 7.97
Vidalia onions per pound 0.77
Miracle Grow (considered safe for organic gardens) 1.7kg 8.68
Strawberries 2 lbs 3.47 3.99
Milupa baby cereal, powder 227g 2.96
Good Start infant formula, powder 640-730g 25.83 24.99
BLSL chicken breasts per pound 1.97
Almer tomato paste, tomato accents 540ml 1.00
Spongetowels choose-a-size, 6 rolls 3.44
Hunts thick & rich pasta sauce 680ml 1.00
Pure Genius iced tea 12 X 473ml cans 2.00
Chef Boyardi 1.13kg cans 2.00
Nescafe instant coffee, 330g 4.97
Gallo extra virgin olive oil, 1 litre 3.97
Devaaya Basmati rice, 4.54 kg 6.87
Cedar beans or chickpeas, 798ml 1.00
Del Monte canned fruit, 798ml 1.97
Halal chicken legs, per pound 1.67
Cashmere bathroom tissue, 6 double rolls or 12 rolls 2.89
Giant Value raisin bran cereal, 675g 2.97
Giant Value marble cheese, 500g 4.98
Giant Value mini garlic dill pickles, 1 litre jar 1.50
Giant value table salt, 1kg 1.00
Bulk fresh sweet corn, by the ear 0.25
Black Diamond cheese, 500g 4.44
Real Canadian spring water, 24X 500ml 1.99
Bicks asst pickles, 1 litre jar 2.99
Kashi granola bars 210g, crackers 225g, or pita chips 2.99
Organic peaches, 2 litre basket 5.99
PC Gigantico herbs, 4.5″ pot 3.99
PC patio veggies, 12″ pot with cage 15.00
PC pixie grape vine, 6″ pot 19.99
Maxwell House ground coffee, 925g can 6.99
PC Blue Menu pasta sauce, 650ml 2/ $5.00
PC Organics infant formula powder, 730g 19.99
Exact triple antibiotic ointment, 30g 6.99
Exact plastic bandages, 80 2.99

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