Reblogging old posts (from googleblogs)

So, the food storage  area is becoming more organized.  I’m noticing holes in my storage that I didn’t see when it was just stacks of stuff.  So, I’m looking for ways to fill it in.

We raise our chickens for meat & eggs, raise a few veggies in the garden, and learn what weeds are actually food in disguise.  But some things must be bought.  Without breaking the bank, or spending the mortgage.


This site has a good list of $10-15 per week purchases that will set up a food storage  system for 2 people.”


 Salt and flour and sugar & things like olives and oil.  Maybe even canned ‘instant’ food, for days we’re too tired to cook.


Back at the chicken coop, a girl escaped the other day.  Managed to get left outside overnight, too.  Jim found her moping by the coop the next day.  She was sure that there was normally a door back into the coop, but just couldn’t find it.


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