Weekly Sales in Ottawa

These are the weekly storagable sales in Ottawa.  Good until next Wednesdy, the 24th.

Now, I know some are going to look at the Chef Boyardee or the baby formula and try to call me on it as unhealthy.  BUT….  depending on the reason for needing storage, they may be the best options.

Remember the six-week power outage?  For the first few days, Chef Boyardee can be eaten without heating, allowing you to get your house in order, and find ways to cook food.

Stress has a terrible effect on the body.  The stress of a “shit hits the fan” situation may cause nursing mothers to lose milk, at least for a short time.  Some women don’t produce enough milk even now, especially for twins.  So store some formula powder, if not for your family, for trade goods.

Don’t forget things like toothbrushes (manual, plain, old ones), toothpaste, deodorant, soap, bleach, etc.

So, here’s the list!  Enjoy…

 Item  No Frills  Metro  Walmart  Valu-Mart  Giant Tiger  Independent
 Pure Life water (28-500ml) 2.00 2.44
 Ziploc bags 2.00
 Classico Pasta Sauce (650 ml jars) 2.00
 Maple Leaf flaked ham (156g) 1.00
 Flavoured Peanut Butter (500g) 3.00 2.99
 Quaker Muffin or Cookie mix (900g) 2.00
 Coconut water (310ml) 2/ $1.00
 General Mills cereal (500g) 2.99
 Cheez Whiz (500g) 2.99
 Kraft Dinner (225g) 0.99 1.00
 Heinz canned beans 0.99
 Irresistables Pasta sauce (700ml jars) 2.99
 Motts apple sauce (Jars) 2/ $4.00
 Campbells Chunky soup (540ml) 1.99
 Heinz Ketchup (1 litre) 2.97
 Coleman Propane Cylindors (16.4 oz) 3/ $12.00
 Green Giant canned veg (up to 398ml) 4/ $5.00
 Our Finest BBQ sauce (425ml) 1.78
 Good Start baby formula powder (730g) 25.83
 Heinz baby food (128ml jars) 0.66
 Parents Choice baby formula powder(730g) 13.66
 Body Fortress whey protein powder (2lbs) 22.96
 Garden Select pasta sauce (700ml) 0.99
 Italpasta Spaghetti (900g) 0.99
 Folgers ground coffee (920g) 6.99
 Similac baby formula powder(730g) 24.99 24.99
 Chef Boyaree pasta (425g) 3/ $4.00
 President’s Choice pasta sauce (650ml jars) 2/ $4.00 2/ $4.00
 Clover Leaf canned salmon (213g) or tuna (170g) 2/ $4.00 2/ $4.00
 Giant Tiger ketchup (1 litre) 1.38
 Dish Soap. Vim or Lysol cleaners 1.99
 Steel water bottles (25 oz/ 750ml) 5.00
 El Paso salsa (650 ml jars) 2.97
 Maxwell House instant coffee (200g) 2.99
 Burpee garden seeds 1.79
 Duncan Heinz cake mix (535g) or icing (454g) 2/ $3.00
 President’s Choice baby formula powder (730g) 19.99

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