Spice Mixes ready for sale by next week!

I have the labels designed, the poster done up, and the recipes for the first four settled upon.
Sweet Curry: good with coconut milk, pineapple or apples and raisins in your curry. Best with chicken, not strong enough for beef.  Tester used the word “amazing”!
Italian Herbs: Use where you would use Italian Seasoning. But better. 🙂  More garlicky!
Chili Seasoning: for chili or other Mexican inspired dishes. A bit hot, but got an OMG! out of 2/3 of my testers. The other was too busy drinking water to comment, she’s English.
Taco Seasoning: again, for Mexican dishes, not as hot as the Chili.

Laurie’s poster

I’m thinking that if these sell, I’ll expand the line with more spicy mixes: Tibetan curry (stronger, hotter, more flavourful; good for beef and chicken), Moroccan Stew mix (makes awesome veggie stew in the crockpot). Zesty African mix  (good on meat or veggies, in a stew), and Golden Garlic (THE go to spice for a little garlic kick in anything).

Maybe even a specialty line with mole’ sauce spices, or my special chili spice (ask anyone from the Our Pagan Heart film shoot how good it was).

I’ll be posting recipes in the pages section, for all of my spices.  Now to figure out how to make folders….


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