Blog #2: Where?


Where is an interesting question.  You need to store food where you can get to it, but not trip over it all the time.  And it needs to not be accessible to cats, dogs, mice, and assorted bug-type pests.

It’s important to rotate through your storage; grain, nut, and rice based things go rancid from their oils.  Other things start tasting “tired” after a year or so, and home made jams and jellies lose their gel.  The fact that store bought ones last forever worries me…. Just saying.

And while almond milk can last up to 6 months unrefrigerated, the cow’s milk that does that just scares me.

But back to ‘where’.

I’m lucky to live in a large century old farmhouse, so I have room in the kitchen for a pantry, and a couple of nice wire shelves to store dry goods in glass jars.  I also have a garage with a workshop, which is covered in shelves.  :D

But I can hear you squeal, “I live in a two bedroom rowhouse!”  Or “I live in an apartment!”

Easy, gentle friends, I can help with that too.  I didn’t always live here.  And my father was military, so I grew up in Army barracks.  Of course, now….. like those military barracks, landlords have the right to inspect your unit for “hoarding behaviour”, which is illegal in some cities.

This is where it gets fun and creative!

When we were kids, my mom had a couple of big round cardboard barrels for moving china. They were maybe two feet across and three high.  She stuffed them with our off season clothes, table linens, whatever.  Then covered it with a pretty round cloth and a lamp, and no-one was ever the wiser.

If you could find something similar, you could fill it with bags of dried beans, lentils or brown rice.  You wouldn’t be able to move it when full, but add the tablecloth and a vase of flowers and it’s still easy to access.

How far off the floor is the bottom of your bed?  Can you fit flats of canned tomatoes, or boxes of jars full of stuff?

Do your clothes come all the way to your closet floor, or is there room for a few boxes?

Does your apartment building have lockers or storage areas for the tenants, slide a few bookcases in there!

Useless cupboards over the fridge or the microwave? Space between your desk and the wall, under your couch? Top of the closet?

Bear in mind that mice love food storage, so everything in cans or jars.  I’ll address that more in “How?”

Probably next week, busy day tomorrow making paneer and editing.


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